Gallatin Forest Partnership

Learn how we're working together to protect the future of wildlife, clean water, and recreation on the edge of Yellowstone National Park.

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Just outside Yellowstone National Park you'll find towering peaks, sapphire creeks, deep forests, and sunny meadows where wildlife thrive and people seek adventure.

Yellowstone National Park

Custer Gallatin National Forest

These are the Madison and Gallatin ranges. Grizzly bears, elk, and mountain goats roam between here and Yellowstone. Clean water flows from the mountains.

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Here, people connect to nature and seek outdoor adventure. Hundreds of thousands explore this special place every year.

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With nearby communities growing fast thanks to a desire to live near these public lands, more people are enjoying the Gallatin and Madison ranges. We need to act quickly to ensure these lands stay healthy for generations to come.

Developed areas 2016
Recreationists, businesspeople, landowners, conservationists, and others worked together to develop a plan that protects what we all love about these mountains. That plan is the Gallatin Forest Partnership proposal.

GFP Proposal areas

Existing Wilderness

This proposal will protect 250,000 acres, securing wildlife habitat, wilderness, and recreation access. It will prevent road building and industrial development from changing this unique place.

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The proposal will permanently protect the Hyalite Porcupine Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area, resolving decades of uncertainty.

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WSA boundary
Hyalite Canyon and Bozeman Creek are some of the most popular recreation areas in the region. They also provide 80% of Bozeman's drinking water.

The proposal protects the remote peaks by prohibiting new trail construction; safeguards drinking water by limiting development; and improves trails in the frontcountry where most people recreate.

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Proposed Hyaliate Watershed Protection and Recreation Area

West Pine is a wild and relatively untravelled corner of the Gallatins and a refuge for elk, deer, grizzly bears and other wildlife roaming north from Yellowstone. The proposal keeps this area non-motorized and allows mountain biking on existing Forest Service trails.

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Proposed West Pine Wildlife & Recreation Management Area

The Partnership proposes investing in two additional trail segments. The first eliminates the need for a shuttle and provides better biking opportunities near Livingston.

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Existing trails

New trails
The second opens opportunities for long-distance riding in the area. Beyond these two trail segments, the GFP proposal prohibits any additional trail construction to avoid breaking up habitat.
Close to Yellowstone, the Porcupine Buffalo Horn area provides important habitat for a wide range of native species, including elk, grizzly bear, moose, bighorn sheep, and wolverine. Trail users are just as varied here, including hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers, dirt bikers and snowmobilers. The proposal will maintain existing recreational access and protect wildlife habitat by preventing new trail construction.

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Proposed Porcupine-Buffalo Horn Wildlife & Recreation Management Area

The heart of the Gallatin Range is as wild as it gets, with room for adventure, wildlife, and solitude. People enjoy exploring by foot or by horse. The proposal calls for Wilderness - the strongest protection possible - from Hyalite Lake south to Yellowstone.

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Proposed Wilderness

The proposal expands the existing Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area in the Madison Range by adding key areas to protect a more intact, wild landscape.

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Proposed Wilderness -

The Gallatin Forest Partnership proposal is our best chance to protect this unique place we all love, now and for future generations. Be part of this historic solution and endorse the proposal today!

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